2014-19 C7 Corvette Attack Blue Dry Nanofiber Performance Air Filter (Drop ships in approx. 2-4 weeks)

Vendor: TKO Performance




  • Dyno proven gain up to 11 rear wheel HP over ACDelco filters on stock C7 Stingray & Grand Sport - See Dyno Chart
    Dyno proven gain up to 31 rear wheel HP over ACDelco filters on stock C7 Z06 - See Dyno Chart
  • Nanofiber technology captures dirt down to sub-micron levels
  • No tuning or airbox modifications required
  • Creates a louder deeper sound (up to 4.2 decibels louder over ACDelco filters)
  • Dry filter is washable & reusable, clean with soap & water
  • Does not void your OE powertrain warranty
  • Patent pending design
  • Made in the USA


There are several air filter choices for your C7.  Stock…it does a good job of basic filtration, noise control, and acceptable airflow.  There are several aftermarket filters promising improved performance with varying degrees of engine protection but really, they are evolutionary designs.  Then, there’s the revolutionary Attack Blue air filter.  

Developed from the ground up and manufactured in the USA, by TKO Performance, this patent-pending design breakthrough provides maximum performance AND maximum engine protection.  Constructed of multi-stage Nano fibers with reinforced screens and a leak-free molded base, it’s 12% larger than your factory ACDelco paper air filter.  Nano fibers are superior because they allow a much thinner element without compromising engine protection.  The unique design dramatically improves performance by straightening incoming air with more flow.  Best of all, Nano fibers trap engine damaging particles down to the sub-micron level (below 1 micron).  The most damaging particles to your engine, like fun dust, are the ones you can’t see (anything below 40 microns).  Attack Blue is a dry filter requiring NO oiling…just clean whenever needed.  Just drop in and go with NO check engine lights or tuning required.

Independent dyno testing confirms Attack Blue releases 30.7 more horsepower to the rear wheels of an otherwise stone stock Z06 over a brand-new stock ACDelco paper filter.  Now that’s power you will not only feel BUT hear!  In fact, Attack Blue generated 4.2 dB of sound over a stock ACDelco paper air filter.  After installation, you’ll notice smoother performance with NO surge and a much deeper and muscular roar that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.  According to noted LS & LT tuner Geoff Skorupa, of Next Level Performance in Orlando, FL, “the Attack Blue air filter generated more power and sound than ANY other aftermarket drop-in air filter we have tested on a C7.  We ran 4 back to back tests on our Dynojet 248E chassis dyno (calibrated to SAE standards).  Our custom designed “NASA style Rocket Fan” eliminates heat soak issues without the need for long cool down periods between each run so we know the numbers are repeatable and solid.  Attack Blue is, without a doubt, THE C7 air filter to buy.”

The Attack Blue air filter, P/N NAD-C7ABAF, will not void your factory powertrain warranty and fits ALL 2014-2019 C7 Stingray, Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1 models with factory air intakes.

  • Installation Notes:  Fits stock airbox without modifications
  • Click To View Installation Instructions
  • Shipping Dimensions:  10" x 10" x 6"
  • Shipping Weight:  3 lbs.
  • Country Of Origin:  USA 
  • Warranty:  50,000 miles
  • Quantity:  Each
  • Availability:  Ships direct from the manufacturer

Models Years
Stingray Coupe 2014-2019
Stingray Coupe Z51 2014-2019
Stingray Convertible 2014-2019
Stingray Convertible Z51 2014-2019
Grand Sport Coupe 2017-2019
Grand Sport Convertible 2017-2019
Z06 Coupe 2015-2019
Z06 Convertible 2015-2019
ZR1 Coupe 2019
ZR1 Convertible 2019


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