Late-2012-2013 Corvette LS3/LS7 Attack Blue Performance Air Filter w/GM Brace (Drop ships in approx. 2-3 weeks)

Vendor: TKO Performance




  • Direct O.E. replacement for factory ACDelco air filter
  • Dyno proven to add up to 5HP to the rear wheels
  • Exclusive tapered back patent pending design eliminates turbulence
  • Unique design creates more horsepower, torque & quicker throttle response
  • No surging, no tuning or airbox modifications required
  • Filters down to 5 microns (a human hair is 40 microns)
  • Creates a louder deeper sound (up to 4.2 decibels louder over ACDelco filters)
  • Washable & reusable, clean with soap & water
  • Reinforced base prevents warping and leaks
  • Sturdy stainless mesh designed for high CFM
  • Includes GM brace
  • Does not void your OE powertrain warranty
  • Patent pending design
  • Made in the USA
This filter & retainer is used for late 2012 and all 2013 Ls3 & Ls7's. These cars come with an O.E factory filter which has the retainer glued to it. This purchase includes a new filter front retainer. To check if you have a late 2012, simply remove your air filter and see if your GM retainer is glued to the filter. If it's not then purchase P/N NAD-C6ABAF
The Attack Blue filter for the LS3,LS7 is designed to allow your engine to breathe deep while providing outstanding filtration! What separates this filter from others is its unique low restrictive open mouth and tapered back design which allows more free flowing air to rush through the filter. The end result is more power, torque & quicker throttles response! No surging. No tune needed. Drop it in and go!

When Magnuson Supercharger was looking for a filter for more power, they chose Attack Blue for their system. When stock filters clog, it results in a loss of power. Attack Blue's woven cotton media & deep pleats create a larger filtration surface which allows a greater volume of air to move freely to your engine while maintaining Superior filtration! Traps particles as small as 5 microns!
The Attack Blue is washable and reusable. It’s like dropping in a new filter every time you clean it! Reinforced design prevents warping & leaking. It might be the last air filter you purchase for your Corvette. This filter comes pre-treated! 
This filter also comes with a GM O.E filter retainer (Part #NAD-ABFR) because the stock filter retainer is glued to the stock filter.

  • Installation Notes:  Fits stock airbox without modifications
  • Shipping Dimensions:  12" x 6" x 6"
  • Shipping Weight:  4 lbs.
  • Country Of Origin:  USA 
  • Warranty:  50,000 miles
  • Quantity:  Each
  • Availability:  Ships direct from the manufacturer
  • Cleaner Kit:  P/N NAD-ABAFC does NOT clog or foul your MAF (mass airflow sensor)

Models Years
Corvette Coupe late 2012-2013
Corvette Convertible late 2012-2013
Corvette Z06 Coupe late 2012-2013
Corvette Grand Sport Coupe late 2012-2013
Corvette Grand Sport Convertible late 2012-2013


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