DEI LS/LT Titanium 1200°F Protect-A-Boot™ & Coil Near Plug Wire System

Vendor: Design Engineering, Inc.



This DEI kit includes everything you need to protect your LS1, LS2, LS3, LS9, LT1 or LT4 spark plug boots and coil near plug wires from harmful under-hood heat. Each Protect-A-Boot and Coil Near Plug Wire Kit contains all the benefits and features of DEI's titanium Protect-A-Wire coil near plug wire sleeving packaged with titanium DEI Protect-A-Boots and hi-temp shrink tubes. This cylinder kit will optimize your under-hood protection against radiant heat while adding a professional finished look to your coil near plug wires.


  • Protect spark plug boots and wires from high under-hood heat
  • Ideal for warm climates, aftermarket header, forced induction, or tracked cars
  • Withstands 1200°F direct continuous heat
  • Adds a professional finished look to your LS/LT coil near plug wires, simple installation
  • 6’’ Protect-A-Boots come with a reinforcement ring at the base for easy plug removal during maintenance. 
  • Complete kit includes 25 ft of titanium line sleeving, (25) hi-temp shrink tubes, & (8) titanium protect-a-boots

  • Shipping Dimensions:  8.1" x 2" x 10.9"
  • Shipping Weight:  2 lbs.
  • Country Of Origin:  USA 
  • Warranty: limited 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Quantity:  Sold as a set
  • Availability: Drop-ships direct from the manufacturer

Models Years
CTS-V 2004-2007
CTS-V Sedan 2008-2014 
CTS-V Wagon 2011-2014
CTS-V Coupe 2011-2015
CTS-V Sedan 2016-2019
Camaro SS Coupe 2010-2015
Camaro SS Convertible 2010-2015
Camaro ZL1 Coupe 2012-2015
Camaro ZL1 Convertible 2012-2015
Camaro SS Coupe 2016-2019
Camaro SS Convertible 2016-2019
Camaro ZL1 Coupe 2016-2019
Camaro ZL1 Convertible 2016-2019
Corvette Coupe 1997-2004 
Corvette Convertible 1998-2004
Corvette Coupe Z51 1997-2004
Corvette Convertible Z51 1998-2004
Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe 1999-2000
Corvette Z06 Coupe 2001-2004
Corvette Coupe 2005-2013
Corvette Convertible 2005-2013
Corvette Coupe Z51 2005-2009
Corvette Convertible Z51 2005-2009
Grand Sport Coupe 2010-2013
Grand Sport Convertible 2010-2013
Z06 Coupe 2006-2013
ZR1 Coupe 2009-2013
Stingray Coupe 2014-2019
Stingray Convertible 2014-2019
Stingray Coupe Z51 2014-2019
Stingray Convertible Z51 2014-2019
Grand Sport Coupe 2017-2019
Grand Sport Convertible 2017-2019
Z06 Coupe 2015-2019
Z06 Convertible 2015-2019
ZR1 Coupe 2019
ZR1 Convertible 2019


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