Nowicki Autosport/Hotchkis Adjustable Stabilizer Bars

Birmingham, MI. -The C7 Corvette Stingray is an incredible car with notable handling capability. Installing our new adjustable Sport Sway Bar System takes your C7 Corvette, Z51 and Z06 to a new handling dimension. Spirited street cruising and competitive track driving are even more enjoyable due to improved cornering performance, driver feedback and traction. We worked with the Hotchkis Sport Suspension team to develop this street and track Stabilizer Bar combination for ultimate performance improvement. Besides the very noticeable street driving improvement, they work extremely well in autocross, road course and open road-racing applications. Our 32mm lightweight hollow Chromalloy front Sway Bar is 35% stiffer than stock for reduced roll, increased grip and quicker steering response. Our 33mm hollow rear Sway Bar is three position incrementally adjustable to settings from +20% to +70% stiffer than stock for increased roll stiffness, allowing easier corner entry rotation and faster drive off, thus resulting in higher corner exit speeds. Our lightweight hollow Sport Sway Bars are formed on our unique CNC bender for precision, powder-coated gloss black for durability and we include our premium smooth operating high durometer polyurethane bushings. Stock end-links are retained to maintain a quiet ride on the street. For track use, our premium adjustable rod-end End Link kits are available separately.

Go ahead and install our Sport Sway Bar System on your C7 Corvette and reach that next handling dimension.


  • 2014+ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe Z51                                                            
  • 2015+ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe Z06


• Maintains excellent ride quality• Excellent turn-in response and cornering. • Reduces body roll• CNC bent for a precise fit• Lightweight hollow construction• High Durometer Polyurethane bushings• Gloss black powder coat for durability• Tested and tuned for best performance.


• Lightweight & durable 32mm tubular steel front sway bar• Lightweight & durable 33mm tubular steel rear sway bar• Front 35% stiffer than stock Z51• Rear 5% / 25% / 50% stiffer than stock Z51• Front 55% stiffer than stock Z06• Rear 20% / 42% / 70% stiffer than stock Z06

  •  Premium polyurethane bushings
  •  $400 plus shipping